Ripleighs Reward Points

Each week you will have 10 points to give out to coworkers that you have seen doing things the right way or going above and beyond for customers or for fellow coworkers!

Step 1:

Follow this link and fill out the form to give away 10 points. Be sure to use the correct format and to double check that your points add to 10 if you choose to split them up. Points must be submitted by Mondays at 9am. If you don’t submit your points, you will not receive any of the points that were given to you for the week.

Click Here For the Form

Step 2:

Keep track of your points via this Google Sheet- points will be updated on Mondays.

Step 3:

When you are ready to redeem your points for a prize, fill out this form to select one!

Prize Redemption Form


  • 25 Points - Free Pint of Ice Cream
  • 100 Points - $25 Visa Gift Card
  • 200 Points - Star Employee T-shirt to wear any time at work
  • 400 Points - 2 Hershey Park Tickets
  • 500 Points - Flavor named after you with your face on the label