About Us

Welcome to Ripleigh's Creamery, an innovative experience that goes beyond the classic ice cream flavors.

The creamery is the brainchild creation of 14-year-old Ripleigh Maring (now 15). Her ambition to create unique flavors by using different ingredients launched the idea of having 3 different zones of ice cream flavors. The classics flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry can be found in the "Safety Zone", more daring flavors including Lemonade Lavender and Oreo Cheesecake can be found in the "We Dare You" zone, and tastes to indulge your palette with Mango Sriracha or Spicy Pineapple Avocado are found in the "We Double Dog Dare You" zone. Add in Ripleigh's family to the mix and the creamery includes a "Spiked" Alcoholic Ice Cream line as well with 8 flavors that use vodka, rum, tequila and Fireball in their ingredients. Each "Spiked" flavor requires proper ID for purchase and contains up to 5% alcohol per serving.

Beyond the innovative flavors, Ripleigh's formed an exclusive partnership with a local dairy farm to provide the uniquely smooth and buttercream texture of their hand crafted ice cream.

Committed to local relationships and innovative flavors, Ripleigh personally has set the standard for the business to have an allergen awareness policy. No ice creams are produced with nuts and all peanut butter ice creams are manufactured on a particular day and the area and equipment are completely sanitized after use. In the retail environment, the standard is met with using particular scoops only for peanut butter ice creams.

Ripleigh's ice cream is currently manufactured in McSherrystown, Pa and sold at the Ripleigh's Creamery retail location in Emmitsburg, MD with a walk up food truck trailer at this time. Look for Ripleigh's Creamery to relocate their manufacturing facility to their new home in Emmitsburg, MD early 2022 after a complete renovation of their building to include expanded creamery, bakery and retail environment.



*Ripleigh's, LLC is in no way affiliated with Ripley Entertainment. Ripleigh's and Ripleigh's Creamery are registered trademarks of Ripleighs, LLC.